Kuany Kuany - Journey to the NBL - Australian Basketball Development (AUBD)
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Kuany Kuany – Journey to the NBL

Kuany Kuany – Journey to the NBL

Kuany Kuany

To know Kuany Kuany is to love and respect Kuany Kuany. His high character, humility and motivation were characteristics that he has exhibited since my father and I met him almost 10 years ago. His passion for being a great basketball player is only matched by his integrity. If there was ever a player that followed the AUBD blueprint to the letter, it was Kuany. After watching Kuany grow and become more confident in his abilities we are so happy that he was able to achieve the goals he set out for himself all those years ago!

“Without AUBD, I don’t know where I’d be today. I’ve known since joining the program I had the right people in my corner who wanted the best for me. They gave me all the right tools and knowledge necessary to reach my goals and be anyone I wanted to be. It hasn’t been all about basketball either. More so about making me a better person and preparing me for the real world despite the avenue I took.”

Kuany Kuany

Seeing Kuany Kuany for the First Time

My father and I saw Kuany for the first time during a Longhorns Basketball Club training session. We were initially introduced to him by Coach Manny of the Longhorns. Kuany was 14 at the time standing about 6’4. He was very skinny, had a baby face and was very soft spoken. We told him a bit about AUBD…at the time it was a new program in the Australian basketball community. We gave him one of our cards and told him if he was interested to give us a call. He gave me a call not too long after and we had him start coming down to the program. On entry into the program Kuany was not a standout. His ball handling was marginal at best and his jump shot needed some work.

Work Ethic

At the time there were some talented players in the program. Some things that were apparent from the outset was his impeccable work ethic, drive and his thirst for knowledge. Within 6 months of starting the program Kuany was a standout and one of the top players in AUBD. Kuany has arguably the best work ethic and drive of ANYONE THAT HAS EVER BEEN IN AUBD. To get to AUBD by 6:30am, Kuany was waking himself up 3:45am at 14 years old. He was then walking 45 minutes to get to the bus stop. He would then catch the bus for 30 minutes to get to the train station. Once there he would then catch the train for another 40 minutes to get to MSAC before 6:30am. He did this twice a week through winter, summer, spring and fall. Never missed a session and was never late for 4 years.

Kuany’s Difficult Transition

One day at AUBD, our coaching staff we sitting around talking about some of players in AUBD. Kuany’s name came up (he was about 16 at the time) and Sedale Sr had this idea “Kuany needs to be a PG”. At the time Kuany was playing the 4 in domestic and rep (he was always a great rebounder). He had NO experience playing the 1. The other coaches (DMac, Lanard and myself) were a bit apprehensive (we actually told him he was crazy). Sedale Sr. started developing Kuany as a point guard anyway. Saying this was a difficult transition for Kuany is an understatement. He struggled competing against some of our PGs in the program just because of his inexperience. This in no way deterred Kuany and motivated him even more. He worked to get better and within a short time was probably the most feared PG in the program.

Journey to the NBL

His success at the position led him to be selected as the starting PG for our USA Tour team (the toughest schedule we’ve ever had). Kuany ended up leading that team to our most successful Tour USA campaign to date…winning 2 high profile tournaments and coming 2nd in 2 others.

After this experience Kuany’s athletic prowess started to be recognised by people outside of AUBD with Kuany being awarded an athletic scholarship to St. Kevin’s College. He earned a spot on the U20s Victorian State Team. Shortly thereafter he received a full athletic scholarship to NCAA D2 Chaminade University. Kuany enjoyed a stellar career at Chaminade earning various individual accolades including:

  • 3rd in all time scoring & 2nd in all time rebounding
  • Chaminade’s first-ever four-time All-Pacific West Conference selection
  • 3 time All-Pacific West All-Academic Team
  • Named the team’s Most Inspirational Player (2016 – 2017)
  • Named Chaminade’s Male Athlete of the Year (2015 – 2016)

After Kuany’s sensational career at Chaminade he was signed and currently playing with the Cairns Taipans in the NBL.

Kuany is also an active member of Helping Hoops and regularly gives back to the Sudanese Community.

We at AUBD could not be happier for Kuany and the young man he has become. There no doubt that he will continue to be successful not only as person and athlete but also as an ambassador for the South Sudanese community. We are proud to say that Kuany Kuany was a part of AUBD and wish him all the best!

Sedale Jr.

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