Basketball Club Development - Australian Basketball Development (AUBD)
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Basketball Club Development


AUBD’s Basketball Club Development provides comprehensive infrastructure solutions for basketball organisations.

About Basketball Club Development

AUBD’s Basketball Club Development can revolutionise your organisation and competitive advantage. We provide strategic end-to-end basketball infrastructure solutions that empower members & staff, promote & manage growth, reduce costs and increase productivity. Our solutions are secure and flexible, we focus on best practice service delivery incorporating your organisational goals.

We can cover all aspects of your basketball club development needs from player & coaching development programs to IT systems implementation and long term management.

The Basketball Club Development Process

AUBD Club Development is a service provided by AUBD in response to the demand that we have received to assist domestic clubs with the management and direction of their clubs.

The Basketball Club Development Process:

  1.  AUBD Meets with the Committee – Listen to Club / Q&A
  2.  AUBD Provide the Club Committee a Service Proposal.
  3.  Committee Approve Proposal
  4.  AUBD Provides Project Management Plan
  5.  Implementation Phase
  6.  End of Project
  7.  Measure & Assess
  8.  AUBD Handover
Coach Development / Player Development Programs0%
Club Holiday Camps0%
International Tours0%
IT Infrastructure0%
Branding / Corporate Identity 0%


AUBD’s Basketball Club Development provides comprehensive infrastructure solutions for basketball organisations.

  • Academy Style Programs – Varied Time Frames
  • Establish Club Developmental:
    • Goals
    • Philosophy
    • Procedures
    • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Coaching Clinics / Seminars (provides consistency throughout the organisation)
  • Development of Club Playbook:
    • Individual Offense
    • Individual Defense
    • Team Offense
    • Team Defense.
  • Holiday Basketball Camp Design
  • Venue Scheduling
  • Coach Hiring
  • Coach Development
  • Implementation – As Required by Club
  • Both Competitive Tours & Fan Tours
  • Custom Tour Itineraries to Suit all Budgets
  • Comprehensive Logistical Management and Organisation
  • All Inclusive Packages
    • Flights
    • Accommodation
    • Ground transport
    • Extra-curriculars
    • Insurance
    • Tournament entry / sanctioning fees
    • Tour Uniforms

Custom solutions for your organisational needs including:

  • Administrative System Implementation
  • Website Design & Creation
  • Member Portals and Mass Communication Tools
  • Flexible IT Support & Consulting
  • Logo Design / Redesign
  • Revenue Stream Diversification
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Implementation & Monitoring
AUBD Personal Training Alumni

AUBD Alumni

Karl Slaviero

AUBD allowed me the opportunity to understand basketball from an elite level, not only on the court but off the court as well. I was fortunate to be involved in the unique environment AUBD provides, which gave me a foothold into the sporting industry.

Karl Slaviero – Corporate Events (Internship) – Carlton Football Club

AUBD Member Since:2012



College:Deakin University

AUBD Alumni

Param Singh

AUBD was like nothing else at the time. It was a group of elite and committed players coming together and developing their game with one another. It certainly took my game to the next level.

Dr. Param Singh Sethi – Chiropractor – Optimal Health Chiropractic

AUBD Member Since:2009



College:RMIT University

AUBD Alumni

Mike Donovan

AUBD helped me develop as a basketballer…both individually and in a team environment. It taught me discipline on and off the court which not only helped me on the court, but life beyond basketball.

Mike Donovan – Coach – Dandenong Rangers

AUBD Member Since:2011



AUBD Alumni

Jack Barry

AUBD taught me what really matters in your training. To be prepared for anything you need to work on a different degree of difficulty than a game can produce. Make everything uncontrollably difficult and work harder than everyone, that way the game can’t surprise you.

Jack Barry – Guard – Hawthorn Magic

AUBD Member Since:2013



College:Deakin University

Contact AUBD About Personal Training

Sedale Threatt Jr

# 1300 799 952