Basketball Personal Training - Australian Basketball Development (AUBD)
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Basketball Personal Training

Basketball Personal Training

Professional basketball personal training is available to anyone who wants to be Elite

About Basketball Personal Training

AUBD’s Basketball Personal Training sessions are a great platform for individuals and small groups to develop specific aspects of the game. We provide a fully-customized approach to improve weaknesses and enhance strengths. This program is ideal for any players that are seeking to gain individual attention & gain the competitive edge in a controlled environment.

What We Focus On

The program is designed to create a foundation of fundamental skills that players can build upon in order to prepare for more advanced techniques. Offensive concepts of basketball are the main focus of the workouts including proper shooting technique and ball handling. The sessions replicate the pressure of game speed situations and assist in the execution of basic and advanced fundamentals under that pressure.


  • Sessions are by appointment only
  • Saturday mornings at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre on (MSAC)
  • 60 Minutes
  • Ages: 9 & Up
  • $60 per session
  • *For sessions on different days please contact us
AUBD Personal Training Alumni

AUBD Alumni

Georgia Stirton

AUBD has contributed significantly to the development and improvement of my basketball skills throughout the years. While being involved from a young age the coaches have advanced my skills allowing me to play and compete overseas. The environment and expertise displayed through the program is of great quality, allowing anyone involved to positively develop their basketball abilities.

Georgia Stirton – Guard – Knox Raiders

AUBD Member Since :2012



College:Gonzaga University

AUBD Alumni

Will Deng

I could write a book about AUBD and the opportunities that I have gained from the program…not  just me but the whole Sudanese basketball community. AUBD really means a lot to me, not just as a basketball program, but as a family. Coming to AUBD as a young kid opened up my eyes a lot on and off the court. It let me know that I have the tools and helped me chase my dreams. I was taught how to become a better person in life, showing me the importance of an education, and gaining knowledge that will be with me for the rest of my life. I hope to use this knowledge so that I  can lift up another young person with the experience that I have gained from AUBD. I would like to say thanks to Sedale Threatt , Sedale Threatt Jr, Lanard Copeland, Darryl McDonald and other staff that were part of AUBD. You guys have been inspiration in my life and the things I have learned from you mean so much to me.

Will Deng – Forward – Werribee Devils

AUBD Member Since:2012



College:McCook Community College

AUBD Alumni

Vanessa Augustini

AUBD are literally my family, so I had the privilege of Sedale and Sedale Snr developing me as a child throughout my years in the State (VIC) Basketball and Netball teams, the AIS Development Squad and even now as a netball player.  I feel blessed and thankful for the development and guidance they gave me throughout my life.

Vanessa Augustini – Training Partner –  Collingwood Magpies Netball

AUBD Member Since:2010


Position:Point Guard

AUBD Alumni

Emanuel Golong

AUBD has played a major role in shaping the person I am today. While most people generally believe that sports only teach you how to win games or be physically strong, I believe AUBD has had far greater impact on my life. The program has helped me develop real-world skills that can be applied to all areas of my life now. AUBD has given young athlete’s like my self the opportunity to develop my skills, knowledge and passion for basketball. Playing against USA high schools and other USA teams gave a great confidence to come back home and work on my craft. I’ve challenged myself to get the most out of the program. with the opportunity to learn from the best coaches in Australia like Sedale Threatt Sr, Sedale Threatt Jr, Lanard Copeland and Darryl MacDonald. The Past tour members have benefited from the tour too. We had so much fun in America and also got to meet NBA players like Magic Johnson , Steve Nash, Kawhi Leonard during the USA tour. And far more great memories. I wouldn’t be the player I am now without AUBD…all thanks to Sedale Jr and Senior.

Emanuel Golong – Guard – Ex NBL Melbourne United & Current Casey Cavaliers

AUBD Member Since:2009



College:Iowa Lakes Community College

Contact AUBD About Personal Training

Sedale Threatt Jr

# 1300 799 952