Coaching Clinics - Australian Basketball Development (AUBD)
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Coaching Clinics

Coaching Clinics

The AUBD Squad is the most successful player development program in Australia

About AUBD Coaching Clinics

Our AUBD staff have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise through extensive success as players and coaches. AUBD Coaching Clinics provide an opportunity for basketball organisations and their coaches to tap into our coaching resources to learn proper skill development to effectively teach the game to players of all ages and abilities.

AUBD Coaching Clinics teaches the X’s & O’s of basketball as well covering leadership / mentoring topics that can be applied on and off the court.

Coaching Clinics Format

AUBD Coaching Clinics can be customised to suit specific audiences. Our diverse and robust platform can provide demos and discussions on topics such as:

  • Strategy
  • Scouting
  • Training
  • Team / Organisational Dynamics & Culture
  • Video Analysis
  • Player Pathways
  • Life Skills Training through Basketball

Our content can be delivered through a variety of live settings and formats including:

  • Player Demos
  • Panel Discussions
  • Lectures
  • On Court Basketball Instruction
  • Off Court Basketball Techniques

Our entire platform includes comprehensive education on and off the court.


  • Available to basketball organisations / coaches
  • AUBD Coaching Clinics are customised to needs of the individuals / organisations. We ask that you contact us to find out about pricing & formatting as this varies from cases to case.
AUBD Squad Alumni

AUBD Alumni

Cirkook “Shaq” Riak

AUBD has been my pathway when it came basketball. A lot of players can go under the radar sometimes or just don’t get developed the way they should but Sedale helped get my game to the level I needed to. I’ve been privileged to travel the world thanks to the game of basketball playing in the states, China and now in the QBL.

Shaq Riak – Forward – Port City Power

AUBD Member Since:2013

Height :6'8


College:Lamar State - Port Arthur

AUBD Alumni

Declan Harrick

AUBD was the reason I was able to pursue my dream and play collegiate basketball. Not only did they help in getting me recruited, but they offered me a platform to get ready for that next step, whether this was practice, diet, or sessions in the gym. Moreover, AUBD were the first program to really give me a chance to grow as a player in both skills and confidence, something which is often overlooked. I’m truly thankful for the hours Sedale Sr., Jr., D-Mac, and, dare I say, Lanard put in, as without their help I would not be in the position I am in today.

Declan Harrick – Advertising

AUBD Member Since:2010


Position:Power Forward

College:Delta State University

AUBD Alumni

Jack Barry

AUBD taught me what really matters in your training. To be prepared for anything you need to work on a different degree of difficulty than a game can produce. Make everything uncontrollably difficult and work harder than everyone, that way the game can’t surprise you.

Jack Barry – Guard – Hawthorn Magic

AUBD Member Since:2013



College:Deakin University

AUBD Alumni

Paul Nikoloff-King

AUBD was a good stepping stone into the world of basketball and sport. Going from playing casual competition and some representative basketball it was the first time I really got to learn and train in a much more intense environment. Learning and developing my skills under the guidance of great players like Sedale Threatt who played NBA and Lanard Copeland.

Paul Nikoloff King – Guard – Sunbury Jets

AUBD Member Since:2015

Height :6'1



Contact Us About AUBD Coaching Clinics

Sedale Threatt Jr

# 1300 799 952