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Contact AUBD


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Contact AUBD

Contact AUBD

Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre

Waverley Basketball Stadium

Email: Admin

Phone: 1300 799 952

    AUBD Alumni

    AUBD Alumni

    Callum Taylor

    What AUBD provided my peers and I extended far beyond that of a traditional training service. Every day I was afforded the rare opportunity to learn from some of the greatest basketball minds in the country, as well as being given the platform and playing opportunities to immediately apply their teachings. The mentorship focus, attention to detail and the high playing and personal standards that my coaches impressed upon me greatly accelerated my growth as a player and as a young adult.

    Callum Taylor – Forward – Mars Hill University

    AUBD Member Since:2011

    Height :6'7

    Position :Forward

    College :Mars Hill University

    AUBD Alumni

    Yusuf Qaafow

    Training with Sedale Jr and Senior has been one of the best opportunities I have ever had. Learning that there was levels to training and learning some unbelievable skills (Unguardable) I truly improved in all aspects of my game. It set me apart in terms of skill level and that provided the opportunity to play NBL under the great Al Westover and that’s all thanks to Sedale Jr. and Senior. The times I won’t ever forget is training with Sedale Jr…I couldn’t beat him because he was just incredibly skilled and that’s why I was persistent in asking him if he would teach me. I’m truly appreciative and grateful to AUBD and even know still train when I come home.

    Yusuf Qaafow – Ex-NBL Player and Current Captain of Somali National Team

    AUBD Member Since:2010

    Height :6'2


    College:Oaktown Community College

    AUBD Alumni

    Tommy Williams

    Sedale, I really wanted to let you know… Now that Tommy is turning 21,  my wife Michelle, Tommy’s 3 brothers and I were thinking about the people that have helped him throughout his 21 years become the fine young man that he is today.   Michelle and I know that we have not done it all ourselves and we have put AUBD at the top of the tree.  AUBD made him a hard working, team focused basketballer. Thank you!

    Kieren Williams – Father of Tommy Williams – Guard – Blackburn Vikings

    AUBD Member Since:2012



    AUBD Alumni

    Nick Jones

    AUBD gave me the opportunity to learn from the best. The coaches have extensive experience playing and coaching. Without the work put in at AUBD I wouldn’t have played at the collegiate level. The drills and workouts were designed to put me in situations that let me excel at an elite standard. They motivated me and promoted a good work ethic. I have many great memories from my time with Sedale and his crew.

    Nick Jones – Guard – Hume City Broncos

    AUBD Member Since:2011



    College :Carroll College


    We thank the wonderful people that have contributed to our libraries, alumni and testimonials we appreciate!  If you or anyone you know were a part of AUBD in anyway over the last decade and would like to contribute please contact us or reach out to us on facebook page.