Tour Singapore Gallery - Australian Basketball Development (AUBD)
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Tour Singapore Gallery


“Every tour brings a set of challenges that calls us to grow, that is why high level international competition is a must”  – Sedale Threatt


Welcome to the AUBD Tour Singapore Gallery.  The Tour Singapore Gallery has a mixture of photos showcasing AUBD 10 years of International Competitions and Championship titles.   Sedale Threatt and son Sedale Threatt Jr have built AUBD up to be the most accomplished Australian Tour Company with over 12 titles.  AUBD teams past international teams played in High Level junior tournaments throughout the USA; their success shaped the way for today’s  AUBD Squad, who in 2017 became the first and only Australian team to win an AAU Championship: The AAU West Coast Grade Based Championship.  To learn more about our International Tours please visit our International Basketball Tours page.

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AUBD Alumni

AUBD Alumni

Lachlan Anthony

AUBD introduced and exposed me to a new style of Basketball at a young age. The program developed my game and prepared me for college basketball.

Lachlan Anthony – Forward – Saginaw Valley State University

AUBD Member Since:2010

Height :6'6


College:Saginaw Valley State University

AUBD Alumni

Kristian Zjak

I first started AUBD when I decided to take basketball seriously. AUBD taught me a plethora of new skills, as well as teaching me discipline. All of the coaches have world class basketball experience, and plenty of knowledge to share.

Kristian Zjak – Forward – Mount Royal University Canada

AUBD Member Since:2013



College:Mount Royal University

AUBD Alumni

James Henderson

AUBD was the beginning of my real passion for basketball, I knew I loved the sport but wasn’t sure if I could ever go as far as I wanted or dreamed of. With the hard work and dedication the coaches like Sedale Threatt Jnr., Darryl McDonald, Lanard Copeland and Sedale Threatt Snr. instilled in me I’ve been able to bring my game to a whole new level and even after my time with them, I’m still using the life lessons and skills they’ve taught me to better myself.

James Henderson – Guard – Whittlesea Pacers

AUBD Member Since:2010




AUBD Alumni

Chris Bartalotta

AUBD gives me so many memories! Being trained by some of the best, learning different skills, making friends, learning what basketball is about overseas. The level of training I did with the AUBD I never done with any club in Melbourne.

Chris Bartalotta – Entrepreneur

AUBD Member Since:2012




We thank the wonderful people that have contributed to our library of photos we appreciate the time you took to take the photos and for your consideration in sharing them with us.  If you are a visitor here and have any photos that you would like to contribute please contact us or reach out to us on facebook page.