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Tour USA Gallery


“Every tour brings a set of challenges that calls us to grow, that is why high level international competition is a must”  – Sedale Threatt


Welcome to the AUBD Tour USA Gallery.  The Tour USA Gallery has a mixture of photos showcasing AUBD 10 years of International Competitions and Championship titles.   With an intimate knowledge of the USA, Sedale Threatt and son Sedale Threatt Jr have become the most accomplished Australian Tour Company with over 12 titles.  AUBD teams past international teams played in High Level junior tournaments throughout the USA; their success shaped the way for today’s  AUBD Squad, who in 2017 became the first and only Australian team to win an AAU Championship: The AAU West Coast Grade Based Championship.  To learn more about our International Tours please visit our International Basketball Tours page.

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AUBD Alumni

AUBD Alumni

Max Burstin

I started at AUBD when I was 15, back when there was only 20 kids in the program. Coming in at a young age and staying there for five years was huge for me. The coaching we got there was unbelievable, the detail, the personal attention, the skill development and work ethic was on another level. Not only that, but it felt like we were part of something. It was a movement away from how basketball was traditionally taught in Australia. It was fast paced, hard nosed and ultra competitive. My goal, like most of the guys there, was to play college basketball, and AUBD helped me achieve that. Not only by helping me find a scholarship but also through the hours and hours of training and development. I can’t say enough about what AUBD meant to me, and still means to me. It’s a special place, and I’m proud to have been apart of it.

Max Burstin

AUBD Member Since:2009



College:Alderson Broaddus College

AUBD Alumni

Corey Nobilo

AUBD provided me with the opportunity to learn, practice and play the sport I love not only in Australia, but in different parts of the world. The memories I have from my time with AUBD and the friendships I made are something that I carry throughout my life and will take with me until the day I die. The program not only taught me skills that translated onto the basketball court, but instilled values of respect, hard work, mental toughness and many more essential attributes, that have assisted in my transition to the next phase of life after basketball. The coaches are the best in the world and have provided me with the best possible preparation to overcome any and all situations life has to offer and I will be forever grateful.

Corey Nobilo – Forward – St Mary’s University (Texas)

AUBD Member Since:2011



College:St. Marys College (Texas)

AUBD Alumni

James Henderson

AUBD was the beginning of my real passion for basketball, I knew I loved the sport but wasn’t sure if I could ever go as far as I wanted or dreamed of. With the hard work and dedication the coaches like Sedale Threatt Jnr., Darryl McDonald, Lanard Copeland and Sedale Threatt Snr. instilled in me I’ve been able to bring my game to a whole new level and even after my time with them, I’m still using the life lessons and skills they’ve taught me to better myself.

James Henderson – Guard – Whittlesea Pacers

AUBD Member Since:2010




AUBD Coach

Lanard Copeland

Wow , time really flies . I think back to the beginning of AUBD , the brainchild of father and son , the Threatt men ….. What a fantastic idea  helping hundreds of kids play the game they loved . I think back to all the kids that started the morning program and how they’ve grown , some on to college some on to the Pros . Without this program , myself and Darryl Macdonald would not have had an opportunity to start our coaching careers and certainly would not have be able to grow a relationship with the Threatts … So I say, Well Done to you two guys and thank you so much …..

Lanard Copeland – Assistant Coach Sydney Kings

AUBD Coach Since :2012



College :Georgia State University


We thank the wonderful people that have contributed to our library of photos we appreciate the time you took to take the photos and for your consideration in sharing them with us.  If you are a visitor here and have any photos that you would like to contribute please contact us or reach out to us on facebook page.